LTE multi-mode radios showcased in Split

March 23, 2018 –

SIGG 2018 Zvonko

For Markoja, Adriatic City Security Conference 2018, which was held in Split on March 22 and 23, revolved around data requirements in critical communication fields and innovative PMR broadband solutions.

Speaking on urban security and emergency rescue, Zvonko Šafranko, Head of the Department of Radiofrequency Equipment and Solutions, emphasized the importance of on-site real-time communications in various rescue and relief scenarios, and presented the PMR and LTE convergence based solutions.

In this area Markoja, in partnership with Hytera, at the conference in Split for the first time publicly presented to the Croatian audience new PMR/LTE radios, the first of their kind to provide a truly convergent platform for the transmission of critical voice communications and LTE broadband data services. Supporting multiple modes of communication and rich applications, all in one handset, enables to use them as radio or a smartphone.

Along with the demonstration of the equipment and professional mobile communications solutions at the Markoja exhibit space, the SIGG 2018 Conference participants were the first ones having the opportunity to see and test new LTE multi-mode radios, available as either a DMR or TETRA variant.

Key values of Hytera LTE multi-mode radios:

• Always Available
• Data & Application Security
• Ergonomics Design
• Everywhere Connected
• Stable Voice Service
• Fast Charging
• Dual-standby in LTE&PMR Network
• Open API for More Applications.


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