MARKOJA successfully completed Data Center project


15th of May 2017

The MARKOJA technical team have successfully contributed to  the construction of a third Data Center in ALTUS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Ltd., in Zagreb. The team started on February 14th, 2017, and worked for 3 months, engaging, a total of, ten Markoja experts.

Building a new Data Center is a challenging and exceptionally complex project, requiring the coordination of number of specialized suppliers and expert teams. The Markoja technical team had been selected due to their extensive past experience in data centre construction and maintenance, as well as their knowledge on the existing infrastructure.

Markoja completed a number of different tasks whilst contributing to the completion of the data center, including the following:

  • Installation and cabling of the lighting, fire alarms and fire extinguishing systems
  • Installation and rack mounting
  • Assembly of network equipment
  • Cabling of the access control system, anti-burglary and video surveillance system
  • Installation and cabling – rack mount ODFs
  • Installation of double floor panels and cooling system grilles
  • Electric cables distribution.

All these were executed within the project timeframe, with an extremely high level of precision and quality being demanded by the high-end nature of the project.  All tasks were conducted in line with  professional standards and act as an   excellent reference for MARKOJA for further maintenance and system upgrade jobs.

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