“Turnkey” fiber optics infrastructure solutions and radio frequency solutions

Advanced measurement, control, and management solutions in the energy/utilities sector, construction and industry.

Boosting growth through digital transformation, 5G, MEC, AI and IoT via new and unconventional business models.

Design and development of custom modules, devices and software solutions for telemetry and automation in industrial applications.

A wide range of services in the area of construction and maintenance of telecommunications and automation equipment.


The project “Enhancing public services of Ploce Port Authority via implementing 5G connectivity” carried out by the Port Authority of Ploče and Markoja has been selected by the European Commission for co-financing in the amount of 958,125 euros under the second round of CEF Digital call for the deployment of a secure, protected, and sustainable 5G network in the Member States.

EU Funds

The company Markoja saw funding allocated within the framework of NextGenerationEU, and an investment project has already been launched with the aim of improving cybersecurity, which will ultimately increase the competitiveness and resilience of SMEs through the use of digital technologies.

The realization of this project will enable the development of a smart grid electric vehicle charging station within the structure of a rotary parking system with the primary aim of optimizing stationary traffic at moving traffic.

Technology has always been the solution to the challenge of solving transport infrastructure and traffic management, and PARKLIO Consortium is a project that would form a national cluster of three companies to market their own innovative Parking as a Service solutions globally.