Cables, connectors and passive components

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Coaxial cables

  • Top-grade performances
  • High efficiency of the protective sheath
  • Low losses
  • Frequency range from DC to 5 GHz
  • RoHS compliant (2002/95/EC)


Special purpose coaxial cables

Coaxial cables for:

  • Aero industry
  • Car industry
  • Industrial protection
  • Medical industry
  • Solar charging
  • Space industry (satellites)
  • Measuring industry
  • Wind power plants


Communication cables

  • Radox MilCat – cables for data buses in difficult conditions
  • Special single core cables for cars, railway, and industry
  • Ethernet cables
  • Execution of cable systems according to the buyers’ requirements


High performance power cables

  • Cables for solar systems / wind power plants
  • RADOX® production program
  • Cables for special industry applications
  • Low weight cables
  • Hybrid cables

Pre-terminated “Jumper” cables

  • Available for DC ranges up to 26.5 GHz
  • Excellent VSWR
  • High stability to temperature and bending change
  • Cables with lowest losses on the market
  • Higher level of useful signal due to low losses
  • Available as ready, tested and cost efficient solution



  • Board-to-Board connectors: MMBX, MBX, MFBX
  • Coaxial connectors
  • MMPX Snap-on connectors
  • Polycon
  • QMA connectors
  • Quick-Fit connectors
  • SMA coaxial connectors
  • Adapters between series


Systems of protection against atmospheric discharges

  • Protection for all RF mobile communication bands
  • Excellent performances
  • High ability of preventing damage caused by high power atmospheric discharges
  • Reduce danger in operation
  • Simple installation and maintenance


Optical infrastructure systems of FTTA radio communication systems

  • No loss of power in RF cables with minor thermal losses
  • Remote radio heads systems reduce power consumption by up to 50%, less space necessary for charging, smaller batteries
  • On average 30% less OPEX expenses


Measuring and test coaxial components

  • Coaxial RF attenuators
    • high repeatability
  • Coaxial terminators
    • low, medium and high strength
  • Large choice of connectors
  • IEC/MIL/CECC standard