The design process begins after establishing contact with the customer and their given requirements are clearly defined. After specifying  the current and future needs of all potential users, the design phase starts.

  1. Project task
  • Defining the needs of each individual user
  • Defining locations
  • Defining weather it is feasible to lease any part of the system, or rent it to other users
  • Defining equipment
  • Defining elements of cable system for all users (cable, cable accessories, active equipment for each user)
  1. Design
  • Evaluating costs
  • Construction stages
  • Functional specification
  • Equipment specification
  • Equipment adjustment to specific field conditions
  • Lease and rental of the system
  1. Project Evaluation
  • Checking whether user needs are fulfilled
  • Checking the functionality of each part of the system
  • Cost control (with particular attention to the initial costs and costs of subsequent maintenance and upgrades, as well as the lifetime of the system elements)