Process instrumentation

In the field of process instrumentation, we offer solutions for the measurement of level, flow and water quality, with particular emphasis on applications in hydro-energetics and water supply and drainage.

For that, we use the equipment from our trusted suppliers Seba Hydrometrie and HydroVision.

Measuring water level

Water level measurement systems are an essential part of hydro-power plants, as well as facilities for water supply and drainage. We offer systems for measuring water levels in both supply and accumulation reservoirs, canals  as well as commissioning and maintenance services, data logging, data integration with existing measurement systems and telemetry provision. Systems for level measurements are based on the Seba Hydrometrie instrumentation.

Measuring water quality

In water treatment plants, monitoring and water quality management systems are of great importance. We offer water quality measurement systems based on equipment of manufacturer Seba Hydrometrie. Additionally,  we can offer mobile and stationary systems for measuring the number of physical / chemical / biological parameters like temperature, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, redox potential (ORP), ammonia, nitrates, chlorides, fluoride, sodium, calcium, chlorophyll, cyano-bacteria, and many others.

Measuring water flow

Water flow measurement is an extremely important factor in successfully monitoring and optimising resource utilization.   We offer systems capable of performing ultrasonic flow measurements in a variety of different conditions. Some example scenarios include pipelines, landscaped canals, rivers and streams. Though these projects, we use equipment from HydroVision, a leading global manufacturer of flow measurement equipment.

An important use of flow measurement is in the monitoring and protection systems of hydroelectric pressurised pipelines. These solutions, aside from allowing for resource optimization, acts as an important  safety mechanism, as  it aides in the protection of pipelines from damage and breakage due to excessive flow.