Technical monitoring


Technical monitoring projects require the application of a wide range of different technologies and technical solutions. We offer specialized, complete solutions for the technical supervision of dams and real-time, automated monitoring.

Within the entire monitoring process, we offer technical instrumentation installation and monitored process variable measurement (displacements, temperature, pressure, water level, vibration…) for dams, embankments, tunnels, bridges, slopes, and similar situations.

Instrumentation can be fully automated with minimal need for human intervention. Measured data can be integrated into a single system and displayed through the website (online monitoring) enabling efficient data transfer and fast interpretation of measured values.

Instrumentation selection

In technical observation, it is very important to connect the causal factors that can affect the instability of the building and the events that are the result of the above factors. Combining several types of sensors, the extraordinary events that deviate from normal trends can be detected.