Innovation, development and implementation of effective solutions

Communication Networks

Fiber Optics Solutions

“Turnkey” technical solutions and consultancy relating to optical communications and generic cabling.
— Design and construction of ODN (optical distribution network) connecting the central office and end consumers
— Telecommunications cable systems – FTTH (central office, distribution nodes, threads, etc.), FTTA
— Measurement and certification of fiber optics and copper networks
— Design of generic LAN cable systems

Together with comprehensive technical solutions, installation and connection of fiber optic cables for cross-linking according to specific non-standard customer demands

— Telecommunications networks
— Business computer networks
— Remote control, measurement and tracking of industrial processes
— Video surveillance
— Fire prevention and control
— IPTV fiber optic networks
— Traffic regulation
— Video and audio technology
— Measurements in civil engineering

Radio Frequency Solutions

Wide range of radio communications solutions in various frequency bands, capacities and applications – from private mobile networks, broadband radio access systems, 4G networks, microwave radio systems, telemetry systems (SCADA) to antennas and power supply systems.

— Radio and telecommunications system and network solutions (DMR, TETRA, microwave, LTE, 5G), including conceptual and technical design and documentation
— Installation and launch of private mobile networks, microwave links, and base stations
— Replacement, expansion, and optimization of base stations
— System control, measurement, and maintenance
— Consultancy and technical support

— Fixed and mobile wireless networks
— Network operators
— Independent private wireless networks
— Microwave radio systems
— Broadband radio access systems
— Antennas and antenna systems
— Power supply systems and converters

Automation and Energy Management

Advanced measurement, control, and management solutions in the energy/utilities sector, construction and industry.

Process instrumentation:
— Water quality measurement
— Water level and pressure measurement
— Water flow measurement

Industrial process automation:
— Production of control and switch cabinets
— Development of automated management, control, and security systems
— PLC programming
— HMI design
— Preparation of project documentation
— Commissioning and maintenance services

Business Development

Boosting growth through digital transformation, 5G, MEC, AI and IoT via new and unconventional business models
Innovative projects:

—, professional 5G training, 4G/5G networks, private 4G/5G networks
— MEC (Mobile Edge Computing)
— IoT platforms and IoT sensor technology
— Critical communications: PMR, PoC
— Smart city solutions (smart ports, smart manufacturing, smart shipyards…), wooden low-carbon towers
— Projects incentivized by European Structural and Investment Funds

— Intensive cooperation with the academia – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb



Research and Development

Design and development of custom modules, devices and software solutions for telemetry and automation in industrial applications.

— Development and production of communication and telemetry devices (dataloggers, protocol converters, modems, etc.)
— Development and production of IoT devices
— Development and integration of software solutions for telemetry, metrology, and industrial IoT using state-of-the-art multiplatform technologies such as .Net and NodeJS
— Development and integration of complete solutions using communications technology such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G LTE, LoRaWAN, MQTT, NB-IoT, Zigbee, Bluetooth, UHF…
— Development and integration of industrial systems according to client-specific needs

Technical Services

A wide range of services in the area of construction and maintenance of telecommunications and automation equipment

— Turnkey construction of fiber-optic networks
— LAN installation
— Installation of ODF systems
— Assembly of fiber-optic (optical) cables
— Installation and implementation of RF communications systems
— Installation of base stations for cellular and transmission systems
— Base station replacement, upgrade and optimization
— Installation and implementation of electrical and telecommunications components of data centers
— Water level gauge installation
— Installation and implementation of infrastructural elements of 2D tomography
— Installation and implementation of instrumentation and automation processes
— Manufacturing, testing and installation of electrical, automation, and remote control cabinets
—Installation of measuring and detection equipment in industrial plants
— Creating installations for reception and distribution of measuring and detection equipment data
— Measurement and delivery of final certificates of measurement for fiber-optic networks and LAN
— Consulting, education, technical support