Network Infrastructure and Measurement Equipment

We develop systems according to the principle of a “turnkey” user experience, taking into account all customer requirements and codes of practice.   By applying a flexible and individualised approach to the projects we undertake, we can provide solutions designed to deliver the maximum level of satisfaction to every one of our customers. Based on the years of experience of our professional staff, the Department offers complete technical solutions in fiber optic communications and generic cabling (copper and fiber optic cables). In addition to  comprehensive technical solutions, we  can provide services for   confectioning / termination of optical cross connect cables with different types of connectors, according to exact, specified requirements from the customer. Furthermore, we are partners and distributors of reputable international companies like 3M, Huber & Suhner, FIBERPRO, Mobile Viewpoint, and others in the field of telecommunication systems and measuring instruments. By cooperating  with our global partners, we can ensure any desired level of quality.

Passive network infrastructure:

  • Full technical solutions and consulting in optical communications (installation in the field, measurement and creation of documentation);
  • Design of generic cabling systems (copper and fiber optic cables);
  • Equipment for telecommunication cable systems (Regla, connectors, xDSL dividers, cable connectors);
  • Cable accessories and auxiliary materials for electric industry.

Measurement equipment and devices:

  • Identification of fiber-optic cables by Acoustic Method;
  • Identification of copper cables;
  • Measuring equipment and simulators for telephone networks;
  • Measuring equipment for IP monitoring and analyzer;
  • Devices for contribution of video and audio signals;
  • Measuring equipment for the optimization of mobile networks;
  • Devices for WiFi distribution of multimedia content;
  • Solutions for digital TV industry;
  • Hardware and software for intuitive interaction;
  • Digital advertising (“Digital signage”) and professional mobile solutions.


Today’s data transmission network, from a physical perspective, primarily uses optical communication systems. As a transmission medium, optical fiber is used as it supports high speed data transmission, higher than the previously  used copper wires. In addition to high-speed transmission, fiber optic systems are insensitive to electromagnetic interference, which has led to their usage in large numbers of networks globally..

Networks applying fiber optic communication systems are:

  • Telecommunication networks
  • Business Informatics (computer networks)
  • Process Informatics (remote process control, measurement and monitoring)
  • Video surveillance (monitoring processes and safety)
  • Fire control (alarm devices)
  • Cable TV
  • Traffic regulation
  • Video and audio technology
  • Measurements in civil engineering.

Given the professional competence and extensive experience of our employees, we are able to realize comprehensive solutions in all of these systems.

The services we provide include:

  • Design
  • Technical solutions and consulting in fiber-optic communications
  • On-site installation
  • Measurement and documentation.

Automation and Energy Management

The Automation and Energy Management Department was formed in 2011, in response to the growing customer need for quality solutions in the field of measurement and process automation, telemetry and remote monitoring.

We specialize in advanced measurement applications for monitoring and management in the following engineering fields:

  • Process instrumentation
  • Process automation
  • Technical monitoring
  • Meteorological observations

When developing a concept or solution, our aim is to create a system that will best suit the customer needs. To ensure long term quality and reliability, our projects utilize equipment from our international manufacturing partners.

We strive to become a leading provider of innovative and efficient solutions in the fields of process automation, technical monitoring and automatic measurement, as well as hydropower management.

Radiofrequency equipment and solutions

Following years of experience in the implementation of fiber-optic and copper telecommunication networks,  Markoja d.o.o. expanded its activities in 2008.  to include radiofrequency and advanced communication solutions. These services were, and are,  designed for the needs of network operators and those implementing  independent private wireless communication networks.

As a distributor and integrator of the world’s leading radio systems manufacturers, we have developed a wide range of radio communication solutions offered in a variety of frequency bands,  capacities and applications – from private mobile networks (DMR/TETRA), broadband radio access systems, 4G networks (LTE/WiMAX), microwave radio systems, telemetric systems (SCADA) and alarm systems, to antennas and power supply systems and all necessary related equipment.

Additionally, we are qualified to prepare design and technical documentation and can provide support during the   installation and usage permit application processes.


  • Private mobile networks (DMR, TETRA)
  • Microwave radio systems
  • Broadband access systems
  • Antennas and antenna systems
  • Filters and combiners
  • Power supply systems and converters
  • Cables, connectors and passive components


  • Designing radio and telecommunication systems and networks (DMR, TETRA, microwave…)
  • Calculation of radio links
  • Preparation of conceptual designs, technical design and documents
  • Preparation of working documents and as-built documents
  • Installation and putting into service of private mobile networks
  • Installation and putting into service of microwave links
  • Installation of base stations of cell systems and transmission systems (backhaul)
  • Service of replacement, extension and optimization of base stations
  • Installation and implementation of alarm systems
  • Testing and measurements
  • Systems maintenance (preventive, corrective or intervening)
  • Consulting and technical support


Our Service Department has been active since the very beginnings of the Markoja d.o.o  as an integral part of the business. The department is credited for its long term, successful experience in many areas in numerous project deployments.

We continue to strive to be the best and most reliable partner to our customers. By listening to what the customer needs, together with our flexibility and individualised approach, we aim to provide the maximum amount of customer satisfaction and fully meet their requirements.

Our experience and emphasis on quality allows us to guarantee the reliable and sustainable operation of the systems we implement. All of our operations are conducted under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Over the past decades, we have installed a variety of products from international suppliers such as Huber&Suhner, 3M, HydroVision, SEBA, Interfels, Hytera, NEC, Dragonwave, Panduit, Shrack, Rittal, Rehau, Digitus, Legrand, and many others.