KK. – PARKLIO consortium for urban mobility

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event 01.03.2022.

Technology has always been the solution to the challenge of solving transport infrastructure and traffic management, and PARKLIO Consortium is a project that would form a national cluster of three companies to market their own innovative Parking as a Service solutions globally.

Project description

The basic idea of the Parklio consortium for urban mobility is to offer a global and unique solution for the monetization of public and private space in city centers by applying disruptive Parking as a Service concept in which any owner of free space can also become a provider of parking space rental services. On the surface, PARKLIO PaaS is a parking space sharing platform, but in business terms, it is also a platform to assess the monetization value of free space in certain locations, allowing the consortium to proactively market the property owners a ready-made business model with highly accurate estimates of average annual revenue.

Purpose and justification

The problem of parking space availability is one that everybody faces every day and the result of overcrowded urban areas. With the development of housing construction technology, the number of people per square kilometer has increased, which is disproportionate to the number of parking spaces, especially in older parts of the urban complex. Parking is a passive service that is crucial for people’s mobility and access to desired locations, which is most felt in urban areas where there is high demand (high concentration of people).

Surveys on driving habits have shown that each vehicle makes an average of 2.5 driving trips daily while spending approximately 1 hour driving. The car is parked for 16 hours outside the house, and 7 hours at other locations where most of it accounts for the time the driver is at work, while spending about 45 minutes a day shopping and over an hour at locations offering recreational services.

The problem that PARKLIO TECHNOLOGY solves is the reduction of time spent on finding free parking space and the possibility of monetizing private parking space that would be marketed through the PARKLIO PaaS system. This has a positive effect on the environment, but also on revenue and economic activity of both the consortium members and the wider society, so it is justified to invest European money in the project.

The problem that PARKLIO CONSORTIUM, i.e. this project, solves is the elimination of technical deficiencies in existing products and the elimination of operational deficiencies of individual members in order to enable scaling up the PARKLIO PaaS concept worldwide, which is the purpose of the project.

General objective:

Reducing the risk of investing in a consortium service for urban mobility and increasing competitiveness through pooling and strengthening operational and technical capacities for product and service placement at global level.

Specific objectives:

Implementing the process of matching products, services and production processes to market needs.
Strengthening the capacities of all cluster members in the segment of quality and reliability of products and services.

  • Project: KK.
  • Total value of the project: 21,913,669.33 HRK
  • EU funding of the project: 11,088,576.95 HRK
  • Project implementation period: 01/10/2020–01/04/2023
  • Contact:  info@markoja.hr

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