Markoja becomes the official distributor of Plumettaz products for Croatia and Slovenia

Autor: markoja
event 28.03.2022.
Foto: Plumettaz

Early this year, we expanded our portfolio of renowned business partners to the company Plumettaz. We are proud to have become the official distributor of Plumettaz products and solutions in Croatia and Slovenia.

Plumettaz is a leader in the production of cable blowing machines and specialized winches. The first ever cable blowing machine on the market was introduced in the 1980s by this very company.

Since its inception in 1923, Plumettaz has taken the world by storm with its capacity for innovation in the fields of agriculture, construction, rail, energy, and telecommunications.

Pushing vs. Pulling
Until 1987, the installation of underground cables was normally carried out by pulling. In this year, Plumettaz, with its patented Jetting systems, invented the capacity to push cables in pipes using air or water propulsion, therefore making it possible to install longer, bigger cables with less human effort. The only limits of laying a length of cable are imposed by the cable manufacturers, carriers and road infrastructures! The reliability of installation and decreased technical interventions quickly convinced the underground cable market of the advantages of Plumett technology. The Plumettaz Group has become the world leader in this field.

As part of the continuous education and upskilling program for our company’s experts, we visited Plumettaz headquarters in Switzerland with the aim of gaining knowledge and expertise on their products, including both digital services and sales.

Foto: Plumettaz
Foto: Plumettaz