Markoja’s solution for the downtown parking problem

Autor: markoja
event 14.07.2022.
Rotary Parking

How to help clear the downtown area for cyclists, pedestrians, landscaped areas, and pedestrian zones? Rotary Parking is the most economical parking system that will significantly save space. The system enables an increase in the number of parking spaces of up to eight times compared to the existing parking capacities.

As the most cost-effective parking method according to the unit of space occupied, the Rotary Parking system covers an area of ​​just 36 m2, providing parking for up to 16 vehicles in an area of two parking spaces.

The first Croatian rotary parking lot is a steel construction, can reach a height of 15.5 meters, and occupies an area of just two parking spaces. The rotary parking capacity equals up to 12 passenger cars or vans up to 2.5 tons.
A special advantage of the parking “carousel” is that there is no danger that someone will occupy or invade a reserved vacant parking space, as it is set up in the air.

By connecting Rotary Parking to a mobile application, which is the next step in product development, the driver could book a free parking space via smartphone when arriving at the location, and the system will automatically register the approaching car and lower the reserved space once the vehicle is in front of it.

This kind of system already exist in the world – each consisting of a steel structure, an electric motor, and a chain and gears – but the special feature of this solution is the central axis that simultaneously powers the two gears placed on opposite sides, which are in charge of rotating a car. Furthermore, since the rotary parking lot is a simple construction, it does not require a building permit, and also has the technical facility of connecting to the city parking payment system.

Rotary Parking System / variant 2 – 3D visualization

Basic features of Rotary Parking:

  • maximum space savings,
  • modular construction and possibility of quickly adding new capacities,
  • possibility of relocation and reinstallation elsewhere,
  • suitable for all types of passenger cars – limousines, station wagons, and SUVs,
  • vehicle protection against theft, damage, and weather conditions,
  • quiet operation – lower noise level compared to any other type of parking systems,
  • systems are designed as height structures, minimizing the risks of floods,
  • low power consumption,
  • simple use,
  • minimal maintenance costs,
  • great endurance,
  • long service life.

To sum up, Rotary Parking is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications – from public city areas, residential and commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, marinas, and car dealerships to large parking areas.