Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Valuable donation from Markoja d.o.o.

Autor: markoja
event 20.06.2022.
Foto: FER

The Zagreb company Markoja, led by its founder Boris Markoja, BSc, donated at the end of 2021 substantial financial resources to FER, which – following the public procurement procedure – in May 2022 procured a sophisticated device for measuring the luminance and chromaticity of light sources (OHSP-350L).

The presentation of the device was held in the lobby of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, which modestly commemorated the handover of the donation. The presentation was attended by Mr. Boris Markoja, BSc (owner of Markoja d.o.o. Zagreb), Prof. Gordan Gledec, PhD (Dean of FER), Prof. Gordan Šišul, PhD (Head of Department of Communication and Space Technologies at FER), Prof. Sonja Grgić, PhD (Video Communications Laboratory of the Department for Communication and Space Technologies at FER) and Prof. Mislav Grgić, PhD (Cooperation Agreement Coordinator between the company Markoja and FER.

With this donation, FER has acquired a device that can be used by more research laboratories and research groups of the Faculty; from those engaged in image processing, spectral analysis of light sources, satellite communications, etc. The device covers a wavelength range from 380 to 780 nm, allows the measurement of luminance, dominant wavelength, color temperature, triplicate values, and chromatic coordinates in a variety of color rendering systems. The device has the ability to graphically display colors in the chromaticity diagram and the spectral characteristics of the light source.

FER is grateful to Mr. Boris Markoja for this valuable donation, which is a fine example of the cooperation of former FER students (ETF/FER alumni communities) with their alma mater, the faculty that provided them with educational, research and professional foundations for their career development and the creation of successful Croatian enterprises