Company Profile

Following our foundation in 1994, the initial activities of Markoja d.o.o. were linked to the design and expansion of telecommunication networks, primarily to meet the needs of the Croatian communications industry

In 1996, we began to distribute communications and data products. A year later we began focussing on activities related to optical communications, which subsequently turned into our main business and has grown to become a key area of our professional expertise.

In order to continue  addressing changing market requirements with a clear development vision, we extended our activities and started  providing a complete range of communication solutions. Our service portfolio  was expanded according to the growing demands of our customers and we provided increasingly complex communications solutions through the integration and implementation of advanced technologies.

By investing in the expansion of our business portfolio, we established a Data Center in 2005 with one, clear goal in mind – to become the leading provider of collocation services in the region.

In 2008, the Department of Radiofrequency Equipment and Solutions was founded, covering a wide range of services –  conceptual design and project documentation, technical support, the provision of training for network operators and the construction of independent wireless communication networks.

After constant growth in revenue, employees and projects,  the company was restructured in 2011. The new Department of Automation and Energy Management was formed, with a focus on providing services to utilities and infrastructure companies.

Within the restructuring process the data center business was transferred to a newly founded company under the name Altus Information Technologies Ltd. Over the years, Altus has established its position as one of the leading carrier independent data centers in the region.

Since 2011, when Markoja d.o.o.  obtained  ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates,  operations have been managed and continuously improved in accordance with these standards .

Today, Markoja  d.o.o.  is organized into four departments:

  • Network Infrastructure and Measurement Equipment Department
  • Radiofrequency Equipment and Solutions Department
  • Automation and Energy Management Department
  • Service Department.

We represent and collaborate with major telecommunications equipment manufacturers  while  offering a long-term partnership to our customers,  helping them  to achieve their business goals.


Vision, Mission and Values


Through implementing innovative solutions, we are developing a successful  company with a region-wide presence and a known standard of reliability and quality.


We build trust and lasting partnerships with our customers through professionalism and effective solutions, helping our customers to achieve their business goals.

Furthermore, we fundamentally believe in the pursuit of knowledge, continuous education and training as foundational values that we adhere to for the benefit of our customers and employees.


  • Professionalism and integrity. We aim to perform our tasks diligently and with the best interests of our customers at heart;
  • Customer oriented solutions. Our services are offered in partnership with our customers and are conducted with respect for their needs and expectations;
  • Flexibility and agility of the organization;
  • Perseverance and persistence in adhering to our company mission;
  • Continuous training and educationof our staff;
  • Efficient and just operating principles;
  • Customer, partner and employee satisfaction as the core of company operations.

Quality and Environment Protection

We put the customer at the center of our decision making process whilst endeavouring to to permanently improve existing quality and environmental management systems.

The market is setting the high conditions in terms of prices, quality, terms of product and our services. Therefore, we have to respond quickly and professionally to market requirements.

The long term goals of our Quality and Environment Protection Policy are to provide and ensure the following:

  • Customer satisfaction and the fulfilment of all of their stated requirements
  • Close cooperation with suppliers partnerships that are intended to help in addressing  customer needs
  • Employee motivation and their continuous education and training
  • Constant improvement of Quality and Environment Protection System
  • Waste management based on proven, environmentally concious waste operational  practices
  • Environmental pollution prevention and reduction
  • Strict adherence to all legal and statutory requirements All resources are used based on the principles of sustainable development.

Our employees fully understand  the Quality and Environment Protection Policy and apply it in their everyday activities.

Our strategy and business policy is harmonized with the Quality and Environment Protection goals, and we guarantee a trusted partnership to our present and future customers.


Human Resources


Knowledge,experience, adaptability and  an emphasis on team work are the keys to our continuing success.

We are aware that the long-term success of the company depends on its ability to attract, retain and develop those employees who are able to ensure lasting growth. Therefore, we are looking for highly motivated, innovative and creative individuals, open to the implementation of new ideas.   Fundamnetally,the best people provide the best services.

Be the best. With the best.

We offer a friendly and open environment, working with latest technologies, support in personal development, as well as opportunities for further education and certification.

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